Dealers info

Wanna be a dealer at one of our shows?

Record Riots are a great place to sell your LPs, CDs, DVDs, and memorabilia! We provide a diverse and affluent customer base for you at all of our shows. And it’s easy to get involved. Just follow the simple steps listed below and we’ll take it from there. We have plenty of Record Riot dealers who own (or have owned) stores or record labels or even one-stops that distribute music. But you don’t have to be a “professional record dealer” to be part of a Record Riot event; rather, you can just enjoy the music, buying and selling, chatting with customers. Maybe you have a personal collection that you want to liquidate, or just a portion of your collection. Rent a table or two at one of our shows and make some cool cash. Record Riots fit perfectly into that game plan as well. You’ll be quickly welcomed into the record dealer world! And you might even become a regular dealer at our shows.

So how do you get started selling with us?

Decide which show you’d like to do and contact either John or Steve (see below), based on who is organizing dealers/collecting rents for that particular show. Tell us how many tables you want and what it is that you sell. Generally we collect rent for our shows around 1-2 PM on the day of the event. Interested in paying in advance? That can be worked out with John or Steve. We generally do not require pre-payment for our events. However if you make a reservation to sell with us and do not show up, then we may make you pay in advance for the next show!

When can we get into the selling space to set up our stuff???

All of our shows try to begin dealer load-in one hour before early admission. For example, at the Plainville (CT) Record Riot, early admission begins at 8 AM, so dealers can get in at about 7 AM. Sometimes we do try and get you in a bit earlier, but use the one hour rule as a guideline. (If you arrive around 8 AM, you’d be loading in DURING early admission. Don’t be surprised if there are customers in the venue during your load-in.) PAY ATTENTION TO THE LOAD-IN TIMES LISTED ON THIS WEBSITE AND AT WWW.RECORDSHOWMANIA.COM. MANY OF OUR EVENTS ARE NOW 8 AM LOAD-IN, 9 AM EARLY ADMISSION! WE WANT YOU TO GET SOME SLEEP!

Can I be of any help in promoting your shows?

Absolutely. Promotion is the name of the game! Anything you can do would really be appreciated. Whether spreading the word among your friends, posting info on Facebook or other social media, or putting up fliers in public spaces, your involvement helps. So ask for postcards or fliers and we will supply them to you. And give us any ideas about promoting our shows, please! Anything you can do to help Record Riots helps all of us.

What else do I need to know?

Some other important (and often overlooked) facts: During load-in, we try to keep an eye on things (as dealers & promoters), but we are NOT responsible for your merchandise as you load in OR for any tickets that you might get for double/illegal parking (if you are loading from a public street). Also, bring a hand truck because we cannot guarantee that the venue will provide them or that you will be able to easily borrow one (it IS possible to borrow one from another dealer). Each dealer is entitled to one helper at each show, REGARDLESS of how many tables you rent. Bringing in food and drink is fine, but we expect you to clean up after yourselves when you vacate your space. Any violation of this may result in you being not allowed at future shows. There is no smoking inside any of our Record Riot venues.

Table rates and information!

  • Albany NY, $90 (8 ft. table)
  • Lark Street RR Albany, $90 (6 ft. table)
  • Saratoga Springs NY, $80 (6 ft. table)
  • Jersey City NJ, $90 (6 ft. table, $80 if you bring your own table)
  • Cherry Hill, NJ $100 (6 ft. table)
  • New Haven CT $65 (8 ft. table)
  • North Haven, CT $65 (6 ft. table)
  • Plainville, CT $65 (8 ft. table)
  • Hastings-On-Hudson NY ($50, one table, $100 for 10×10 space. Dealers must bring own tables/tents.)
  • Worcester, MA $80 (8 ft. table)
  • Leesport PA $60 (8 ft. table)
  • Harrisburg PA, $80 (6 ft. table)
  • Fairfax VA, $90 table (8 ft table)
  • Woodbridge VA $60 (6 foot table)
  • Buffalo, NY $80 table (8 foot table)
  • Newport News, VA $80 (8 foot table)
  • Richmond, VA $80 (8 foot table)
  • WPKN Music Mash $100 (8 foot table)
  • Broadview Heights OH $80 (8 foot table)
  • Chesapeake VA $60 (six foot table)
  • Westport CT (Verso Festival) $80 (6 foot table)
  • Jersey City NJ (Indoor-Pet Shop Bar) $100 (6 foot table)

Contact information:

For all Connecticut shows, Hastings-On-Hudson NY & WPKN Music Mash, contact John Bastone at [email protected] or call 914-948-2674.

For all OTHER Record Riots, contact Stephen Gritzan at [email protected] or call/text 609-468-0885.